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About Fitogal

DCP HEMIGAL was established in 1995, with its core activity being the production of cosmetic products. Our product range includes:

Products for gentle and sensitive baby skincare (ointments, cream, oil, shampoo & bath)

Mission and vision


Our mission is to produce high-quality cosmetic products for our customers while providing outstanding services to our partners and looking after our employees and our community’s being.


We aim at being a leading cosmetic producer in the Balkans, with our brand being renowned and our product quality is recognized throughout Europe, as well as being the most reliable business partner.

We believe that beauty and health must go hand in hand. This is why for the past 16 years we have successfully produced cosmetics based on our deep understanding of skin and hair health. Entirely studied and formulated in our laboratories, DCP HEMIGAL products are the combination of our scientist’s knowledge and creativity, supported by sophisticated technology and the highest quality ingredients.

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