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About Now Sports

NowSports were the result of its founder’s immense passion for health foods and nutrition. It was in the early 60s that the brand saw its humble beginning. An entrepreneur named Elwood Richard began the trend of healthy foods when it was a very niche market back in the year 1968 through a chain of health foods called Heath House. He had dedicated his years as a student learning about how nutrition can improve physical performance. Therefore, he truly believed that natural foods had the potential to improve the overall quality of life.

However, because of the high price of these products, they did not become as popular as he had hoped. That is when he realized that if these natural health foods were not affordable to everyone, they would never become a part of the mainstream diet. This is when Elwood opened his own manufacturing unit for natural health foods. These units supplied all the food to his stores, allowing him to have total control over the cost of production and the quality of the products.

Why Choose Now Sports Supplements?

NOW Supplements is counted among the most successful privately-owned nutrition brand. There are several reasons why this company has risen to popularity over the years, as mentioned below:

Assured quality and safety: NOW supplements are almost synonymous with quality. This is because every manufacturing unit includes the best testing laboratories. These labs include modern analytical instruments. For every product that is manufactured, each ingredient goes through close to 16000 tests before being used in the final product, assuring quality and safety. In order to ensure complete freshness of the natural ingredients used in these products, all the manufacturing units are thermostatically controlled. They also have temperature-sensitive refrigeration areas to store these ingredients until they are used.

Highest range of products: One of the primary goals of NOW Sports is to provide natural foods that can be included in just about any lifestyle. This is why they are constantly innovating with their product line to give you the largest variety. Be it vitamin tabletsbiotin tablets or just about any supplement that you need, you will be able to find them in this range.

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