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About Unifit

Why Unifit

After doing the market study we found the need for such products is because protein is one of the major macronutrients in our diet. There’s nothing strange in the fact that we see protein as valuable because it is. After realizing the Gen-Z & millennial interest in protein foods, our team started researching on the right ingredients (all-natural) with the right amount of protein to be added after consulting top-notch nutritionists and then involving our chefs for taste enhancement thereby working with all required certifications for safe consumption.


Sunrise Victuals Pvt. Ltd. is a non-dairy bakery Ingredient manufacturing parent company of Unifit. It is well equipped with state of an art plant having advanced machines and tools to manufacture the products At Sunrise Victuals Pvt. Ltd, we are proud to have conquered our market with our right quality. Our stern quality checks never allow any low-grade product to step into our factory.


Already having established itself nationwide the company is forever expanding with the launch of new products after gaining experience of more than 10 years in the food industry and thus came up with the launch of the brand UNIFIT which aspires to become the best supplier of nutritious products that align with our daily dietary needs.

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