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Where Should You Buy Casein Protein Online in India at Affordable Prices?

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Benefits of Casein Protein

Casein is extracted from milk and is the solid part of milk. The beauty of this being, it is absorbed slowly by our body and it releases the amino acids contained within at slow speed, like in a trickle. This gives our muscles ample time to absorb the nutrients before receiving the next batch. This is in total comparison to whey protein which is quickly absorbed.

Casein ensures Clean Bowels

For colon health also, casein works much better. This is because casein forms a gel like substance in your stomach and helps to clean your bowels easily. Clean bowels mean good health and then all nutrition is utilized by the body properly.

Casein Protein for Good Dental Health

Casein is the wonder protein as far as dental health is concerned. Casein protein is always there to protect dental enamel and ensures that the teeth do not decay quickly.

What is the Best Time to Eat Casein Protein?

You know what, Casein Protein is recommended to be used at bed time so that when you sleep, your body is not deprived of nutrition and this is highly desirable when you indulge in resistance training at the gym. As told earlier, casein is a slowly discharging protein and ensures that all muscles in the body get equal nutrition and there is no wastage of any kind. Slow and steady always wins the race and same is with casein and this steady nutritional feed is what our body likes.

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