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About ESN 

The goal of ESN Nutrition was to make nutritional supplements easily available in India for sports and fitness enthusiasts. For this reason, the founder Atikaay Narula collaborated with the world-renowned cricketer, Jhonty Rhodes who always endorsed an active lifestyle.

With ESN Nutrition India, you have the experience of Jhonty Rhodes who is able to provide the most critical input necessary to create nutritional supplements that are suitable for professional athletes and sportspersons. Atikaay and Jhonny were able to understand modern nutritional requirements to help people deal with common issues like diabetes, obesity, depression and a lot more. Understanding the corporate world and the requirements of individuals leading highly stressful lives has enabled ENS sports nutrition to create products that enhance the overall quality of life.

Why Choose ESN?

ESN ensures that all products that are released into the market are completely safe to use and help improve performance at all levels, be it general fitness or even rigorous professional training. There are several features of this brand that has made it one of the top nutritional supplementation brands in the world today:

All the products that you get under the ESN Supplements range are created in state of the art manufacturing unit. The brand has also been recognized by the media as the only health, lifestyle, wellness and sports nutrition brand in India that provides products that are specially designed to suit the corporate lifestyle and changing needs of people today.

All products that are available in the ESN range are ISO 22000 certified. They are also WADA compliant to make sure that there are no unwanted additives or even banned substances in the products manufactured by them. All ESN products have to adhere to strict ISO regulations to ensure complete safety and the highest standards in terms of quality. Several tests are performed in laboratories on a regular basis to make sure that only high-quality ingredients are used in all ESN products.


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