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Americanz Muscles Anabolic Mass Gainer

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Americanz Muscles Professional Lean Mass

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Gaspari Nutrition Real Mass Advanced Weight Gainer

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How to Buy Lean Mass Gainer Online on

Lean mass gainer is just perfect for all who want to add pure muscle mass while avoiding unnecessary body fat. It is usually packed with high-quality protein & carbohydrate sources and avoiding sugar-based carbohydrates and most unhealthy fats which makes its way in most weight gain supplements. You can buy lean mass gainer online from as it ensures you get the best mass gainer supplements possible in India.

What is Lean Mass Gainer made up of?

Many would be surprised to know that all three forms of whey protein are included which are:

  1. Whey Protein Isolate
  2. Whey Protein Hydrolysate, and
  3. Whey Protein Concentrate

This is a wonderful combo, a blend of rapid, medium, and slow releasing proteins which ensure your muscle cells are fed at all times. It also contains a high-quality mixture that ensures a sustained release of carbs to the muscles encouraging optimum muscle growth without spiking blood sugar levels. This is not all as it is also loaded with essential fatty acids from flaxseed and CLA aiding in fat loss while improving your body composition.

As a bonus there is a unique blend of vitamins vital to your body’s ability to grow new muscle tissues keeping you fit and healthy so that you can indulge in intense training all the time.

The best part is we do not use cheap ingredients like fructose or corn syrup or soy to bump the calories up like many of our competitors do.

Benefits of Lean Mass Gainer

All of the Lean Mass Gainer’s 383 calories are specially designed to provide your body with exactly what it needs to pack on serious size. The availability of delicious flavors makes drinking this supplement the most enjoyable. You would know that when you enjoy your drink, even your body joins in the fun and gets eager to assimilate the nutrition fed to it.

Imagine the benefit that all the above energy is obtained from just 34 grams of protein and an equal amount of carbohydrate and only a minuscule 5 g of fat per serving. This shows how intelligently the formulation is prepared to avoid simple sugars.

This formulation contains superior fast-acting and fast-absorbing proteins that facilitate systemic circulation that boosts muscle growth. The faster the level of inherent amino acids, the faster is the increase in the blood and the greater is the muscle-building reaction. Lean Mass Gainer stimulates muscle protein synthesis and rapidly builds lean and strong muscle power.

The best protein contained herein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. The rich source of BCAA, added Glutamine Peptides, the low glycemic index of complex carbohydrates and the optimal ratio of protein to carbohydrate ensure a quick supply of nutrients after your strenuous workouts.

Post Workout Benefits of Lean Muscle Gainer

Whenever you are working out, at the post-workout stage you need a high dosage of Glycogen to quickly replenishing the electrolyte balance in your body. The lean muscle gainer contains low Dextrose Equivalent maltodextrin that offers post-workout carbohydrates for preventing muscle loss. This truly complex yet quick-absorbing lean gainer protein absorbs carbohydrates 3x greater than the speed of simple sugars. Research indicates that lean mass gainer always quickly releases proteins into the bloodstream, which suppresses cortisol levels, restores glycogen and amino acids back to the muscles.