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Top 5 Supplements for Sportspersons

Supplements help athletes gain weight, maintain energy levels, and address a known nutrient deficiency (if any). However, the options have grown exponentially over the years. If you are wondering which supplements should you take for optimum performance and nutrition, read this blog to make an informed decision. 1. Protein Powder Muscle gain, maintaining weight, faster […]

Avoid These 5 Protein Consumption Mistakes for Best Results

Proteins’ role in muscle building, weight loss, and skin health has made it a favorite macronutrient for many fitness freaks. But that does not mean you can scarf it down in any which way you think is right. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid to achieve your fitness goals faster. Eating Protein Only […]

Why Should Bodybuilders Take BCAA?

The significance of protein for bodybuilders has been a proven fact. But, is protein alone enough? No, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are equally important. So, what are these and what is their role in bodybuilding? Let’s understand in detail. As defined on a blog on the University of New Hampshire, “BCAAs stands for branched-chain amino acids, […]

5 Points to Remember Before Buying Multivitamins

It takes a wide and complex variety of vital nutrients for the human body to complete all the tasks on any given day. If you are a sportsperson, bodybuilder, dancer, or likes to live an active lifestyle in general, then multivitamins are essential for optimum nutrition. Deficiency in even one of the essential minerals or […]

Top Reasons Why People Who Gym Eat More Peanut Butter

Whether it’s smooth and creamy, crunchy, or even extra chunky, peanut butter has been a favorite household spread for many years. So is it for you, too? In the fitness world, Myfitness Peanut Butter is considered a staple food in bodybuilding. It’s low-cost, delectable, and has high nutritional value. Let’s find out more about the hype […]

Muscle Gaining Tips For Skinny Guys Aside From Weight Gainer Supplements

If you are a thin guy, gaining muscle can feel impossible. But most of the time is looking past the simplest setbacks. However, if you follow the proper exercise routine, eat well and let your body recover, you will get there. To help you build muscle, you may have tried weight gainer supplements, but here […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Knowing All about Glutamine

The word glutamine may seem familiar. You were probably taught about it back in science class. But did you know it has far-reaching importance in day-to-day life and enhances your workout period significantly? Here’s some helpful information on the functions of this amino acid to jog your memory. Definition Glutamine is also called L-Glutamine. It’s […]

6 Vital Supplements for Gym Goers

The belief that taking supplements is not essential has persisted for a long while. Recently, however, it has become more evident that whole food nourishment cannot cover everything. Supplements are not only necessary for bodybuilding; they also help in performance, fat loss, and muscle building. As you know, it is critical to ensure that you […]

Beginner’s Guide to Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein

Whey is the leading top protein supplement, and rightly so. Compared to the rest, it’s easily digestible by the stomach. It’s most popular among bodybuilders, athletes, or those seeking to improve their protein intake. If you’d like to take whey protein but don’t know where to begin, here’s an easy learner’s guide to Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey […]