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QNT Hydravol Pre-Workout



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Citron (Lemon)
Fruit Punch
Navel Orange
30 Servings
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April 2025



Number of Servings


Serving Size

1 Scoop (12g)




Citron (Lemon), Fruit Punch, Navel Orange, Pasteque


30 Servings




Female, Male

Country of Origin


Brand Details

QNT Sport India Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No 5, Electronic City, Udyog Vihar, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana-122022, India
FSSAI licence Number: 10017011004512

Manufacturer Details

INBEL ENTERPRISES PVT. LTD., Block F, Mini Food Park, Village Bhirawati, NH-919- Hilalpur Road (Bhirawati Mod), Pin Code-122103
FSSAI Lic. No.: 10201130102105950


QNT Hydravol Pre-Workout

QNT Hydravol Pre-Workout is an extremely explosive sugar-free blend of cleverly mixed active ingredients. This powerful boost provided by this cutting-edge pre-workout will propel you into intense and sustained training. This new extra concentrated pre-workout from QNT contains a complex blend of ingredients for a more intense workout.

Key Features of QNT Amino Endurance

  • Advanced Pre-Workout for High-Performance Sessions
  • High quantity of Beta-Alanine per scoop for Instant Pump
  • Increases Muscular Endurance for Lasting sessions
  • Increases concentration during training
  • Makes Difficult workouts Possible
  • Super-Delicious Flavors
  • Safe for daily use with No hypertension ingredients

Why Choose QNT Hydravol Pre-Workout?


One of the main effects of Hydravol is its impact on blood circulation. This will in particular be stimulated by the production of nitric oxide in the body which will directly act on the dilation of your blood vessels. This also allows nutrients to circulate better in your muscles, eliminate waste products more quickly, and increase the oxygen supply for intense and sustained effort.

This will therefore logically allow you to work longer during your sessions while maintaining an almost constant level of strength. In particular, it allows you to add one or two more repetitions per exercise for the same load – which constitutes a huge improvement for the muscle. HYDRAVOL will therefore allow you to go the distance in your workouts while continuing to progress, even during difficult periods when you tend to stagnate or feel more tired.


By increasing your energy, endurance, and concentration, your strength will indirectly improve. Caffeine as well as taurine will help you increase your concentration and reactivity, which makes you more powerful. The improved supply of oxygen and nutrients will also go a long way in helping you build more strength during exercise. In addition, Hydravol is enriched with creatine, which is extremely useful for strength and short intense efforts especially found in bodybuilding. Finally, consider taking a pre-workout in which the amount of sugar is minimal or even non-existent.


Boosting your energy is one of the main functions of a pre-workout. In particular, it helps reduce your fatigue and keep you going throughout your workout without having to slow down. Therefore, HYDRAVOL will allow you to avoid a drop in intensity in the middle of your workout and maintain your energy without losing concentration. Thanks to the action of caffeine, you will already feel more dynamic and motivated from the very beginning of your workout session, especially if you are very sensitive to its effects. It is caffeine that also improves your concentration. Beta-alanine will also help to boost your energy level and delay the feeling of muscle burning. This will allow you to train more intensely and especially longer.


Beta-Alanine, L-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, Taurine, L-Citrulline, Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Creatine Monohydrate, Caffeine Anhydrous, Glidant (INS 551), Anti-caking agent (INS 552), Sweeteners (INS 955 & INS 950), Nicotinamide, Maltodextrin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride & Cyanocobalamin.

How To Take

To prepare one serving, add a scoop of 10g (approx.) to a shaker and add  250-400 ml chilled water to it. Shake well and enjoy an amazing drink.

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