How to Prevent Clumping of Your Pre-workout Supplements

pre-workout supplements

Does your pre-workout supplement clump often? You are not alone. It happens to many of us. Some of us have even changed brands, only to face the same problem.

Should I discard the supplement if it clumps?

No! Unless there is mold or foul smell is past the expiry date, it is safe to use the pre-workout supplement.

Why do pre-workout supplements clump?

  1. Moisture: If they contain natural ingredients that absorb water (hygroscopic ingredients), pre-workout supplements tend to clump. Many amino acid compounds in pre-workout supplements tend to attract and retain moisture, causing clumping with other ingredients. It is because your formulation is free of chemicals that it is clumping! The saying “if it clumps, it pumps” may be true in your case!
  2. Unused for long: If you leave your pre-workout supplement untouched and unused for weeks together, particles will break down and change. The particles then begin to form together and harden.
  3. Leaving it in your car: If you leave your pre-workout supplement in your vehicle, especially in hot weather, it can absorb more moisture and clump.
  4. Silica gel: Silica gel packets absorb moisture and keep the supplement dry. If you remove the silica gel packet provided in the container, the supplement will clump and turn hard.
  5. Instructions: Storage instructions in the label usually advise you to store supplements in a cool, dry place.

How do I prevent clumping of pre-workout supplements?

  1. Don’t open until ready: When you receive the container, don’t open the seal unless you are ready to begin using it.
  2. Seal: Every time you open the container to use the supplement, ensure that the lid is tightly screwed to the container. If not sealed tightly, not only moisture but nasty bacteria too can get in.
  3. Stir and shake: Shake or stir the powder with a clean spoon once in two days, even if you aren’t using it.
  4. Don’t leave it in the car: Avoid leaving it in the car for long.
  5. Silica gel: Buy brands that provide silica gel packets in the container. You can also add extra silica gel packets using one from a used container or buying new ones.
  6. Storage: Store the supplement in a cool, dry place

How to fix clumpy pre-workout supplement?

We have seen how to prevent pre-workout supplements from clumping. Now let us see what to do if you have a clumped supplement.

  1. Crush in water: Remove the portion of the supplement you want to use with the help of a knife or fork. Add to the bottom of a glass. Add water to cover it. Crush with the back of a spoon and stir it. Add more water gradually, stirring the mixture simultaneously.
  2. Blender: If the supplement doesn’t break easily with a knife, you can blend it in a blender. However, before putting it in a blender, don’t forget to remove the silica gel or desiccant packets. And when you are done, put the silica gel packet back in the container.
  3. Fork: If you don’t have a blender, break the clumps with a knife or fork. Then give the bottle a shake. It requires hard work but may build your muscle after all!


Takeaways: If your clumpy pre-workout supplement has not expired and is not moldy, it is safe to use. Follow the precautions to prevent clumping and use the solution in case it is already clumpy.