BPI Sports Clinical Essential Aminos


BPI Sports Clinical Essential Aminos
BPI Sports Clinical Essential Aminos

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BPI Sports Clinical Essential Aminos

BPI Sports Clinical Essential Aminos is a medical-grade hydration formula that contains plant-based essential and non-essential amino. There are over 80 amino acids, however, our bodies only use 20. Of those, there are 11 non-essential amino and nine essential amino acids. “Essential,” in this case, means that your body does not produce them, so you need to get them via food or supplementation.


Supplementing with amino acids supports hydration, muscle growth, the prevention of muscle breakdown, recovery, athletic performance, and weight loss. In recent studies, beverages containing amino acids have been found to be more effective than water at hydrating participants.


Clinical Essential Aminos contains a combination of both essential and non-essential amino: leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, arginine, threonine, phenylalanine, histidine, and tryptophan.

Benefits of Clinical Essential Aminos

  • Essential AMINO acids (EAAs): clinical essential Aminos is a combination of the essential and non-essential Aminos Leucine, Isoleucine, valine, Lysine, Arginine, threonine, Phenylalanine, histidine, and tryptophan.
  • Hydration: with extra-strength, concentrated electrolytes, clinical essential Aminos provide hydration before, during, and after a strenuous workout. This Helps You train longer and harder, then helps optimize recovery afterward.*
  • Boost performance: clinical essential Aminos contain 7 grams of EAAs, proven to support muscle growth, strength, endurance, and athletic performance. Eaas also help prevent muscle protein breakdown.*
  • Delicious flavor: This EAA powder is easy to mix in water – simply scoop, shake, and sip! The irresistible sour candy Flavor tastes more like a treat than a supplement, making it easy to drink before, during, and/or after your workout.*
  • Caffeine Free: BPI Sports EAAs formula contains no caffeine. It is a non-stimulant supplement that you can take any time of day.

Directions of Use:

Take 1 Serving (1 Scoop), Mix in 8 oz. of Cold Water. Take it Pre, Intra, or Post Exercise.





BPI Sports

About BPI Sports The starting years of BPI Sports Nutrition were rather humble. In the year 2009, founder James Grage started the company along with two friends. The original space was a meager 1000 sq.ft. However, Grage had the vision to create sports nutrition brands that would help athletes and bodybuilders fulfill all their nutritional requirements conveniently. These products were focused on providing fast and long-lasting results to all the users. It was a devastating accident that James Grage met with that gave him more inspiration to work harder on his brand. It was during his recovery that he realized how important it is to have the right nutritional support to build and retain muscle. Today, BPI supplements are manufactured in a 53000 sq.ft facility in South Florida. The brand is all about promoting a fitter and healthier lifestyle. They even have a full-fledged gym within their premises for BPI athletes and even their staff to make use of.  BPI lives up to its motto of “Be Better. Be Stronger” by equipping both novices as well as professional bodybuilders with the best support for their training regime and fitness goals. Products like BPI Whey ProteinBCAA supplement, and others are among the highest recommended sports nutrition supplements today. They have also won several awards for their exceptional quality and the great results that they yield. Why Choose BPI Sports Supplements?  BPI sports create the best whey supplement and other products because they are focused on one thing which is helping individuals achieve their physical best. For this reason, they make use of the best quality ingredients in every product that is manufactured. This is in combination with cutting edge technology which has made the company a high-end premier brand. The products are manufactured in GMP approved facilities that ensure the best in terms of ethics and quality giving consumers products that they can trust.


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BPI Sports Clinical Essential Aminos
BPI Sports Clinical Essential Aminos