RiteBite Max Protein Ultimate Bar


RiteBite Max Protein Ultimate,Choco Almond Bar
RiteBite Max Protein Ultimate Bar

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(RiteBite Max Protein) Naturell India Pvt. Ltd. 7th Floor, Sigma, Technology Street. Hiranandani Garden, Powai, Mumbai- 400076, Email: feedback@maxprotein.in | Website: www.maxprotein.in

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Goldee Foods Technologies Pvt. Ltd., D-14 Industrial Estate, Medchal, Malkajigiri, Hyderabad-501 401

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RiteBite Max Protein Ultimate Bar

RiteBite Max Protein Ultimate Bar a packed with a punch with RiteBite Max Protein Ultimate Choco Berry bar – the perfect power snack that ticks both, health and taste. Packed with the delicious punch of berries and goodness of chocolates, this bar fuels you with 30g of protein, 5.5g of BCAA, and 5 hours of sustained energy, making it your perfect gym buddy.

  • Max Protein Ultimate Choco Almond is made with the nuttier crunch of almonds and the soothing taste of rich chocolate.
  • It has BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid (5.5g) and Glutamine (2g) to give you a power charge for your workouts
  • This sugar-free bar has high protein (30gm) and fiber (10gm)
  • It has 21 Vitamin & Minerals, Electrolytes, Omega 3, Amino Acid (L-Glutamine), and is also prebiotic
  • This protein bar is 100% Vegetarian
  • This bar energizes you and helps you push the bar every day.

Benefits Of MaxProtein Ultimate Bar

  • The most hassle-free protein source: You get a rich supply of protein from a single source when you use the Max protein bar. These bars are ready to eat and do not require any preparation. As a result, you are able to get the protein that you need on the go. For individuals with a very busy schedule, this is the perfect option to ensure that you are able to reach your daily required protein intake without the hassle of frequent meals and painstaking meal preps.
  • Improves heart health: Omega-3 fatty acids are the most vital nutrients for improved heart health. They improve overall blood circulation and also prevent issues like clogging of the arteries by effectively reducing cholesterol levels in the body. These powerful anti-oxidants also have anti-aging effects that keep the heart healthier for longer.
  • Faster digestion: Digestion is enhanced when you improve the consumption of fiber in your diet. With this protein bar, you have the best source of dietary fiber. It helps enhance the movement of your food through the digestive tract. As a result, you are also able to assimilate the other nutrients that you consume throughout the day more effectively.
  • Keeps you hydrated: Loss of electrolytes through sweat is quite common when you lead a relatively active lifestyle. With these protein bars, you get a good supply of these electrolytes to replenish the ones that are lost when you are training. Electrolytes are vital for retaining fluids and preventing any chances of dehydration. This further reduces issues like muscle cramps that can prevent optimum performance.
  • Better energy levels: With better protein consumption, energy levels increase automatically. With the RiteBite protein bar, you also have the advantage of essential vitamins and minerals that improve metabolic activity to enhance energy levels. Most vitamins are also powerful antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage to keep you energized and improve recovery.
  • Aids weight management: You can keep food cravings and hunger pangs at bay with these delicious, nutrient-rich bars. As a result, you are also able to follow a healthy meal plan to enhance weight management.

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RiteBite Nutrition

About RiteBite Nutrition RiteBite Nutrition Bar is a product of Nuturell (India) Pvt Limited. This company has been providing consumers with healthier food choices to ensure that they lead a better lifestyle and are also able to meet their fitness goals easily. The goal of the company is to produce superior quality products that taste great in order to cater to their health-conscious customer base. The company was founded by Vijay Uttarwar who hails from a humble farming background. Today, he owns Nuturell (India) Pvt Ltd. And Nuturell Inc California which are credited for creating RiteBar which is the “Protein Bar of India” In the year 2004, this company was founded primarily to produce and distribute Stevia, a popular alternative for sugar. However, it was the trend of protein bars and energy bars that was picking up steadily in the USA that urged the founders to create a unique line of this product in India. This is how the first nutrition bar, RiteBar came into being and soon gained a lot of momentum with a community that was becoming increasingly health-conscious. Why Choose RitBite Nutrition? There are several reasons why RiteBite Protein Bars are becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts. There are various benefits to including a protein bar in your meal as mentioned below: They ensure that you get the nourishment that you need: With varying compositions of nutrients, these protein bars give you a lot more than just protein. They are fortified with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that promote overall health and also prevent the chances of nutritional deficiencies. They are convenient: These protein bars are a better choice in comparison to protein powders when you are on the go. Unlike whey protein supplements, you do not have to worry about preparing the drink which can be quite cumbersome. All you have to do is carry the bar with you and use it when you need it.


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RiteBite Max Protein Ultimate,Choco Almond Bar
RiteBite Max Protein Ultimate Bar