Stroom Protein Bar Exotic Mango Coconut, 63g



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Exotic Mango Coconut
1 Bar
9 Bars
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February 2025



Number of Servings


Serving Size

1 Bar (63g)




Exotic Mango Coconut


1 Bar, 9 Bars




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Indulge in Delicious Nutrition.

Stroom Protein Bar Exotic Mango Coconut, a delectable blend of rich chocolate and crunchy almonds, will elevate your snacking experience. Each 63g bar is designed to provide a delicious flavor blast while providing necessary nutrients. Whether you’re fueling up before a workout or need a midday pick-me-up, this protein bar will keep you motivated and full for longer.

Powerful Protein for Active Lifestyles.

Stay on top of your game with 20g of high-quality protein, and 4.38g fiber packed into each Stroom Protein Bar Exotic Mango Coconut. These bars are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone who lives an active lifestyle. They promote muscle rehabilitation and growth. The carefully selected protein blend helps you maintain top performance, making it a perfect choice for post-workout recovery or a nutritious snack on the run.

Healthy Ingredients You Can Trust

The Stroom Protein Bar Exotic Mango Coconut is crafted with high-quality, natural ingredients. Enjoy the advantages of almonds, recognized for their healthful fats and antioxidant characteristics, while indulging in dark chocolate. These bars, free of artificial preservatives and sweeteners, provide a clean, guilt-free enjoyment that is in line with your health goals. Perfect for individuals following a clean eating diet or anyone looking for a healthy snack alternative.

Key Features of Stroom Protein Bar Exotic Mango Coconut

  • High Protein Content: Each bar contains a substantial amount of protein, making it an excellent post-workout snack or meal replacement.
  • Delicious Flavor: Combining mango and coconut creates a satisfying taste experience.
  • Nutrient-rich: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health.
  • Convenient Size: At 63g, it’s perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Benefits of Stroom Protein Bar Exotic Mango Coconut

  • Bar For Everyone 

With high protein & fiber, the Max Protein bar is perfect for your hectic lifestyle with no preservatives, a balance of taste and health, and is 100% vegetarian.

  • High Protein Content

With a significant amount of protein per bar, it supports muscle recovery and growth. This makes it an ideal snack for athletes or anyone looking to increase their protein intake.

  • Nutrient-Rich

Beyond protein, the bar is supplemented with key vitamins and minerals, making it a complete snack that promotes overall health and well-being.

  • Convenient size

Weighing in at 63g, it’s the perfect size for a quick snack without being overly filling. It’s easy to take along wherever you go, ensuring you always have a healthy option at hand.


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