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Is CLA Supplement Effective?

Whenever we want a healthy, fit body, most of us tend to avoid fat. But fat is not always the villain. Some fats like CLA burn fat!

What is CLA?

CLA ( conjugated linoleic acid ) is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in dairy and ruminants’ meat. CLA is a linoleic polyunsaturated fatty acid that is a subdivision of the omega-6 essential fatty acids. In CLA, the word conjugated refers to their arrangement inf single and double bonds. A single bond conjugates (separates) their two double bonds. Though CLA is an unsaturated naturally occurring trans-fat, unlike processed industrial trans-fats, they benefit the health.

What are the natural sources of CLA?

The best natural sources of CLA are beef, butter, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese and full-fat milk.  

Why take a supplement for CLA?

CLA is present in low levels in dairy and beef. You must eat a considerable quantity of these foods to get sufficient CLA. However, heavy dairy and beef consumption can lead to other health problems like high cholesterol and obesity. Whereas, if you take a high-quality CLA supplement, one pill can give you high CLA doses without added sugar, preservatives additives, gluten, soy, and dairy.

What are the benefits of supplementing with CLA?

  1. Weight loss: It inhibits fat accumulation by suppressing the genes responsible for fat storage and fat cell production. It also increases metabolism so that food gets converted into energy resulting in weight loss.
  2. Muscle growth: It promotes anabolic processes that initiate muscle growth. It delivers glucose to muscles for muscle strength and recovery. Whenever any fat is lost, it replaces it by building muscle.
  3. Immunity: It strengthens immunity by building pathogen resistance, regulating the body’s inflammatory response, and lowering insulin resistance and inflammation.
  4. Liver: It boosts liver performance by helping to detoxify the liver
  5. Heart health: It promotes a healthy heart by reducing cholesterol deposits in arteries.
  6. Cancer: Decreases the risk of cancer by hindering the cancer cell growth, regulating the genes that prevent tumour formation and inhibiting metastasis
  7. Diabetes: It lowers the risk of diabetes by reducing insulin resistance, preventing obesity and controlling blood sugar.
  8. Bone strength: It strengthens the bones, protects the joints and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

How much to take?

Typically 3 g of CLA per day is taken, though there is no fixed rule on dosage.

How fast does it work?  

The weight-loss with CLA doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time.

  1. Buzz: The buzz around CLA is that it is a weight-loss supplement. However, it offers numerous benefits, apart from weight-loss. It improves your health on all fronts, and weight loss happens along the way
  2. Method of supplementing: If you take a minimum of 3 gram of CLA per day for six weeks, you will begin to notice changes. You should take the 3 gram in divided doses of 1 gram with every meal.
  3. Lose fat and gain muscle: CLA works by replacing any fat lost with lean muscle. As muscle is heavier than fat, it takes time to build. Losing weight over a longer time is more beneficial than instant weight loss through yo-yo fad diets. The weight lost gradually is effectively kept off.
  4. Lifestyle: Make CLA a part of your lifestyle by incorporating it into your daily routine. What matters is your commitment to regularly take it in the prescribed doses along with a healthy diet and exercise.

What is your take-away?

You need to be patient and not hurry to win the race, as CLA will help you win the marathon!