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Kevin Levrone Gold Whey 2kg - New Pack (1)
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Myogenetix AquaShed Diuretic 45 Servings

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Myogenetix AquaShed Diuretic

Myogenetix AquaShed Diuretic is the most advanced competition-specific water loss system ever, tailored specifically to the needs of the on-stage competitor who needs the sharpest, razor-like hardness that only Team MYOGENETIX® can deliver. AQUASHED® works by eliminating excess water from beneath the skin to reveal the kind of detail that wins shows. Puffy, bloated skin caused by excess water hides muscle definition; this is made even worse by the harsh lights used in stage competition.

AQUASHED® excess subcutaneous water loss system provides the ideal time frame to ensure razor-sharp definition. Since there are no harsh chemicals, AQUASHED® works with your body to gently but effectively reduce the appearance of edema or puffy skin caused by excess water. Unlike dangerous pharmaceutical diuretic drugs, no unwanted side effects whatsoever! AQUASHED® will help you create the dry, hard, stage-perfect look you need to win it all.

Benefits of Myogenetix AquaShed

  • Fast Acting
  • Rapid Water Loss
  • Reduces Bloating
  • Perfect for Men and Women


Uva Ursi Leaf Extract (Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi), Dandelion Leaf Extract (Taraxacum Officinale), Goldenrod Extract (Solidago Odora), Juniper Berry Extract (Juniperus Communis), Buchu Leaf Extract (Agathosma betulina), Bladderwrack Extract (Fucus Vesiculosus) & Green Tea Leaf Extract (Camellia sinensis).

Directions for use

As a dietary supplement, take one-two servings (1-2 scoops) in 8-12 oz. of water with meals.

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